About Me


Welcome to TheElefante!

Hi, my name is Alysha. I’m a mother, wife, nurse, and a child of God.
This is my first blog so bear with me. In case your wondering whats with the name “The Elefante”,I’ll tell ya. I had a young woman approach me with a prophetic word that she felt God wanted me to know. This word was elephant. The young woman interpreted the Word by giving me a brief description of the character of an elephant. An elephant can survive in many different environments, flourishes best near water, is built to bear much weight, and is a great majestic animal. The young woman told me that I bear the burdens of others and I’m a survivor, that I flourish near water “the living water”. Since then I have carried this word with me, thus the name “The Elefante”, that is me.

I made this page with the hopes that it would be an outlet, a way of expression and for me and my husband to spread the Gospel of Jesus.I hope in some way shape or form, something that you read here effects your life. I pray God would speak through us and that our words would reach your heart.
Pictured with me is my Husband John. He is also a contributor to my blog as well, he is very anointed and I am very excited to be able to share his posts here as well. Our goal together is to share the love of Jesus. Thank you for taking the time to read our posts.

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